Kitchen Kick-Start Inclusions

  • 100 % Support and Commitment to your health, wellness and positivity journey

  • 90 - Minute Consultation:

    • Assess current state of both the kitchen pantry and refrigerator contents and associated labeling

    • Discuss your food requirements and how to convert so that it meets the healthy choices and results you are looking to achieve in a new but familiar manner

    • Devise a grocery shopping plan that is inclusive of nutrient rich natural foods without compromising food preferences (transition is always at your desired pace)

    • Determine & implement timeline for full or incremental conversion of the contents of your pantry and/or refrigerator

  • Weekly check-ins (via email or text) over a 1-month period

  • Meeting minutes/notes from the consultation

  • Pricing for this service is $500.00 which is inclusive of all the details listed above

Lanasia’s Commitment & Program Benefits

  • Genuinely care for you as a person

  • Learn about natural, whole foods and how it provisions both fuel and healing properties to us holistically

  • Learn about food labeling and how it impacts your diet and health

  • Learn how to set applicable, realistic guidelines for your specific healthy diet objective and put them into practice

  • Serve as an anchor of emotional support & motivation

  • Enhance confidence, self esteem and awareness as it relates to your Kitchen Kick-Start goals

Other Services and Add-Ons to Consider

If you are interested in any of the programs but are limited to moving forward due to a financial hardship please contact me directly as everyone deserves the opportunity to manifest and lead a rich, intentional and nourishing life