Program Inclusions

  • 100 % Support and Commitment to your health, wellness and positivity journey

  • Four - 60 minute sessions per month

  • Identify current challenges, obstacles and set realistic goals

  • Custom meal planning

  • Personal Growth techniques

  • e-mail support between sessions

  • Natural/Organic Food Sourcing techniques

  • Coaching and support to help in your lifestyle & diet change

  • Weekly check-ins (via email or text)

  • Monthly newsletters & Knowledge Articles (holistic health & wellness tips and recipe ideas)

  • Consultation Pricing:

  • Program Pricing:

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Lanasia’s Commitment & Program Benefits

As a holistic health and positivity coach the scope of my work goes much deeper than simply tailoring an individualized wellness program that focuses solely on helping clients feel their best through food & lifestyle changes. I will also assist you in addressing emotional, mental and lifestyle aspects that control the direction of your eating habits such as, stressors, relationships, careers/employment, family etc. This aids in finding overall balance across all areas as these factors are all critical to you being successful.

  1. Genuinely care for you as a person

  2. Utilize nutrition as a building block hence the focus on the food and the powers it provides is crucial

  3. Work collaboratively and transparently to establish lifestyle equilibrium across multiple layers (nutrition, emotional & mental strength, relationships, self care, goals, environment, career etc.)

  4. Provide emotional support & motivation

  5. Promote self confidence and self esteem as a coach/client team

Program Add-Ons

  • Food Foraging

    • Purchase and delivery of seasonal groceries from local, natural/organic farmers/growers/producers on your behalf

    • Transportation cost included

    • All other administrative fees

    • *Pricing starting at $160.00/week (varies based on family size and specific diet i.e. vegan, dairy, meat, vegetarian etc.)


  • Clean eating Meal Preparation

    • Preparing and packaging food in 2-3 day increments to ensure freshness

    • **Pricing starting at $50/hr.