Mindfulness: Establishing Self-Care
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Mindfulness: Establishing Self-Care

Begin the holistic journey of realigning with your self and manifesting the life you are meant to lead! (VIRTUAL / ONLINE EVENT)

Mindfulness is critical to the nourishment of our minds so that we may truly connect to self. For only then can we tap into our true intentions and manifest the life we are meant to lead. During this workshop we will dig within to uncover and face our current challenges, struggles, roadblocks etc. and begin the holistic journey of realigning with ourselves. I will use generalizations and if you feel compelled to share in any way (or not) you are more than welcome to do so! This is a very relaxed and non-judgemental space where we will learn from one another and takeaway what we feel appropriate to aid in developing a self-care regimen specific to our individual needs/wants/desires:)

I am so excited you have given me the opportunity to partner with you on your holistic wellness and positivity journey! Wishing you endless MAGIC - talk with you soon!

XO - Lanasia

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