Photo Credit:  @chuttersnap

Photo Credit: @chuttersnap


Hi There - My name is Lanasia and I am the Founder / Principal Baker of Natural Intake. We are 100% VEGAN and utilize all natural/organic plant based ingredients! I strongly believe that while it is important to look and feel good externally it is essential to ensure primary investment is made on making the internal GREAT! I live by the ethos & mantra that Food truly is medicine!

My journey to veganism is nothing short of fate and divine intervention bringing awareness to my true purpose and gift. Although this has been quite a wild journey it has brought much joy, truth, acceptance and brightness into my life; which has in turn allowed me to bring light to others in the best ways possible:).

In 2016 my husband was diagnosed with a life threatening cellular disease at the age of 34. This was a very unnerving, trying, challenging and overwhelming time for us. However, we are very much people who believe there is a reason for everything and making the best of any situation. We decided to change our diet and lifestyle as a family which has and continues to provide tremendous POSITIVE change in our overall health, life and most importantly it has nurtured & nourished him to a clean bill of health. My family and I are blessed to have uncovered the opportunity to lead a more informed, purpose driven life which has birthed my love for natural/organic/clean vegan baking! Looking forward to new foodie friends, sharing my food foraging stories and empowering statements to promote a positive mental attitude!

I am beyond excited to bake my delicious handcrafted vegan goodies for you! Have a fulfilled day!

With much Gratitude,
XO - Lanasia Natural Intake