Holistic Health & Positivity Coaching Program

Begin the holistic journey of realigning with your self and manifesting the life you are meant to lead!


Approach to Holistic Health & Positivity Coaching

I firmly believe and attest that one cannot accomplish goals without supporting every aspect of their being. The physical and mental aspects of our lives are closely connected and greatly influences our overall health and wellness. Maintaining good health is more than simply taking care of the different parts of our physical bodies as it incorporates emotional and spiritual aspects as well. As your coach I am 100% committed to supporting your health, wellness and positivity journey in a very non-judgemental, respectful, empathetic and relaxed manner. Throughout the program I will provide ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make viable changes that improve your overall health and happiness. Collaboration, transparency and partnership are strong focuses of mine as I want to ensure we build a healthy, positive and everlasting relationship.

Commitment & Promise

Communication, collaboration; transparency, empathy, respect and integrity are essential to building and maintaining a healthy, positive, long-term relationship with our community as well as with our self. My commitment and program benefits are as follows:

  1. Communication & Transparency: Dedicated, reliable, and available via multiple means of interaction to ensure continuity of program service excellence

  2. Collaboration:

    • Genuine care for you as a person first and foremost

    • Provide emotional support, guidance and motivation as you set goals and make viable changes to improve overall health and happiness

    • Assist in identifying and addressing lifestyle aspects that control the direction of your eating habits in a realistic and attainable manner

    • Promote self confidence and self-esteem as a coach and client team

    • Assist in establishing equilibrium across multiple lifestyle layers (relationships, goals, emotional and mental strength, etc.)

    • Utilize nutrition as the building block, hence focusing on food and the powers it provides holistically

  3. Empathy, Respect and Integrity:

    • Approach all session meetings with and infectious enthusiasm and a positive mental attitude

    • 100% commitment to supporting your holistic health and positivity journey in an unbiased and openhearted manner.

It is my complete intention to provide you with a program that fully encompasses a plan that is unique to your journey. I look forward to the commencement of a long-term partnership assisting you manifest the lifestyle in which you are divinely destined to lead!

What to Expect from the HHPC Program

  • Four (4) 90 minute sessions per month

  • Identify current challenges/obstacles/roadblocks and set realistic attainable goals per week

  • Growth techniques that are unique and relate to the intentions you wish to manifest

  • Meal Planning that fits your preferences and unique journey

  • Natural / Organic Food sourcing techniques

  • Weekly checkpoints to ensure continuity of encouragement throughout the program (separate from the sessions; consists of 5-10 minute chat, a text or e-mail)

  • Meeting minutes within 24 hrs. of each session

  • Special and magical exchange where each session is filled with the aromatics of welcome, calm, joy, positivity, understanding, open-mindedness, love and support

Next Steps

I am so excited and honored that you have given me the opportunity to partner with you on your holistic wellness and positivity journey! Please click the button below to schedule your complimentary consultation! Wishing you endless MAGIC - talk with you soon!

XO - Lanasia