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Hi Natural Intakers!

I'm so thrilled you are exploring the website! This is my sacred place that allows me to share my passion for Vegan cooking, baking, wholesome nutrient rich foods, a positive mental attitude and random thoughts around living a life of intent, purpose, freedom etc. 

At Natural Intake we believe that while it is important to look & feel good externally it is essential to ensure primary investment is made on making the internal GREAT! After all, God has provisioned the earth with nutrient rich foods to nourish & heal our bodies hence, allowing us to live our best life.

Each of our products are NATURALLY and personally hand-crafted in small batches of love, positive energy and gratitude!!!!!

At Natural Intake we take pride in holism and we’re passionate about providing a multitude of services that not only fills your belly with yummy goodness but also your heart, mind, body and home with the needed resources and/or assistance to lead and/or manifest a rich, healthy and fulfilling life.

I am so thankful for both the universal alignment and divine intervention that has brought about this chapter in my life and made it possible for you and I to cross paths and positively affect change in one another's lives. 

With Much Love and Gratitude,
Lanasia - Natural Intake

Stay in YOUR Lane

Stay in YOUR Lane

It’s very easy to get sucked into what is going on in the lives of others especially when we are faced with adversities and feeling like things just aren’t working out as we had planned and/or hoped for. I fall into this as well however, I am constantly reminding and stating to myself in these times that I am running my own race I do not need to worry about comparison with others as I am not in a competition I am living my own beautiful and unique life. I start by asking myself the following:

  1. Where is this feeling coming from? Most times it is from fear and the creeping self-inflicted feeling of self-pity and discouragement which I WILL NOT EVER ALLOW TO FULLY MANIFEST LOL

  2. What can I be doing to work toward working within the discomfort? Facing the cause/feeling/issue head on and look for resolution and if there really isn’t a resolve letting it go and accepting I have NO CONTROL (why is this so difficult to conceive hahahahaha)

  3. Why haven’t I done it? Likely complacent or just the feeling of blah which is fine and well but one should not sulk in such a stagnant or negative mindset (Remind yourself that negativity breeds well negativity…. I just repeat to myself “I AM BLESSED, HIGHLY FAVORED and VICTORIOUS - Well Able to accomplish all that I truly want, need and desire!

  4. Is this an excuse? My typical response is Stop making excuses and be accountable and move forward - do something every effort leads to rewards

Please believe me when I tell you it helps a lot! Most of the time when this happens I am not comfortable with where I am in my life and from there I talk about what I have and have not been doing and how I can move forward. For instance, I have been a bit overwhelmed with preparing my business for the upcoming summer season and felt I have like small bursts of progress that are short lived and in reality these perceived “short burst” are all major in their own right because they lead to the bigger picture.

While typing this post I was distracted with some different things and somehow I landed on the funeral service of Nipsey Hussle. This whole incident has really been weighing so heavy on me as if I knew him personally. I have never heard his music or anything. I have only ever heard him speak and see how people received him during a singular radio interview and during an interview with his girlfriend but in feeling his energy that he emitted in each of these instances it was clear he was very humble and had a magic about him —— he just moved in such an indescribable calm, that’s the easiest way to explain it. Any who I heard the eulogies/speeches etc. BUT the instagram live post from his mom is what broke me down and explained clearly —— it was literally concise and validated all that I could not understand regarding the calm about him. So now weeks later I am finishing this post and realized I was in this “stinky place” again and after reading this I feel a burden has been lifted. This proved to be a marvelous reminder that life is a roller coaster and we have to be able to handle all the experiences, feelings etc. of ups and downs. I mention all this to say it was a reminder to be true to myself and push forward because there is no where to go but up until God decides it is time to rest. I fully accept and recognize that I am so intentional and found but at the same time I am lost and disconnected….AND that is ok, it proves I’m living NOT just getting by! The point is, it’s ok to have these imbalances so long as you deal with the stinky stuff ergo don’t let it consume you but rather glean a lesson, learn the lesson and make choices that deter these uncomfortable sentiments.

I am wonderful, I am kind, I am beautiful in every way imaginable. I have NO competition! NO WOMAN in this world compares to me. There’s only one of ME and I am fearfully and wonderfully made——-I am a masterpiece and I refuse to let this world and anyone in it compare or tell me otherwise. I have my own divine purposes, intentions, gifts and blessings AS DO YOU! I promise to continue breathing positivity into my life and to continuously stir up magic in my spirit as it always manifests the truest of my wishes and brings me to MY unbelievable happiness. I highly encourage you to do the same God bless you my love!

XO - Lanasia Natural Intake

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Shedding the old.....Mastering the new!

Shedding the old.....Mastering the new!

We Are Blessed and Highly Favored ALWAYS!

We Are Blessed and Highly Favored ALWAYS!