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Hi Natural Intakers!

I'm so thrilled you are exploring the website! This is my sacred place that allows me to share my passion for Vegan cooking, baking, wholesome nutrient rich foods, a positive mental attitude and random thoughts around living a life of intent, purpose, freedom etc. 

At Natural Intake we believe that while it is important to look & feel good externally it is essential to ensure primary investment is made on making the internal GREAT! After all, God has provisioned the earth with nutrient rich foods to nourish & heal our bodies hence, allowing us to live our best life.

Each of our products are NATURALLY and personally hand-crafted in small batches of love, positive energy and gratitude!!!!!

At Natural Intake we take pride in holism and we’re passionate about providing a multitude of services that not only fills your belly with yummy goodness but also your heart, mind, body and home with the needed resources and/or assistance to lead and/or manifest a rich, healthy and fulfilling life.

I am so thankful for both the universal alignment and divine intervention that has brought about this chapter in my life and made it possible for you and I to cross paths and positively affect change in one another's lives. 

With Much Love and Gratitude,
Lanasia - Natural Intake

Happy New Year.....YOUR MIND IS YOUR OWN

Happy New Year.....YOUR MIND IS YOUR OWN

It has been hard for me to put all of the thoughts and feelings flowing through me into words. My heart and mind are literally so full of emotion, love and gratitude that it is almost bringing me to tears to revisit how far I have come. I have closed and locked the door for eternity on my old mindset and lifestyle. I never realized that I had and still have so much growing to do and to think I haven’t even scratched the surface! For once, I have accepted that I am not in control and am allowing the universe to work in my favor——I now understand that what’s done is done and I must progress! I never in the past would have fathomed such thoughts because I had to always feel as if I was in control (more on this later ;)) BUT strangely enough I have accepted this uncertainty because I know it will lead me to more rich and fulfilling experiences and to obtaining my highest potential…… I strongly believe that no matter the problem I am the solution I have the power to manifest optimism or misery.

Prior to changing my life i.e. eating clean, living clean, shedding the ideologies of socio-economics and all the other hubbub I was lost…..completely and utterly LOST, confused and had a false sense of empowerment and REALITY because I had a six-figure salary, worked for major corporations, new cars, a beautiful million dollar apartment rental and the furnishings to match, designer clothing, my kids in the best private schools in Cambridge and Boston etc. etc. When I look back at all that was sacrificed to live this “life” I now realize I made the mistake of equating things to happiness which I am so THANKFUL for — We really thought, this is what we we’re suppose to do. Yes, I said thankful as if not for these experiences we would be living the ENTIRETY OF OUR LIVES in a false reality—— the life chosen for us and not the life divinely destined for us…..we in no way want this for our family! In reflecting further I went through waves of emotions and one I remember quite well was being disgusted at the unnerving fact that I allowed outside influences to take over my mind…..I was a workaholic, my career came before my family, broken promises to my children etc. because I needed to hit my forecasted quotas to recognize revenue; travel for work, stuck in traffic, drained from working overtime to meet last minute deadlines, quality time with family was basically engulfed in consumerism and unnecessary indulgence, basically living for the weekend….pretty much a slave to the rhythm and for what? After going literally off the technology grid for 4 -5 months I woke up. I stopped lying to myself, stopped beating myself up, stopped having “pity, patsy, pride and pig parties” and faced reality which often comes with hard truths when you literally have nothing but time WITHOUT DISTRACTION to peel back that onion, and boy does it burn lol! The truth was that I was more powerless in my previous life, that was a huge blow to me all around and I had to admit this to myself, accept it and rebuild. These past 3 years, especially 2018 has been a MAJOR BLESSING and SAVIOR…… for the knowledge I have now has given me my mind, body, time and my beautiful family back. In reclaiming my mind as my own I am my AUTHENTIC self and gained the real dream ——- freedom, happiness, quality relationships, purpose, fulfillment, appreciation, deeper kindness and respect for others and myself….. I am driven by love and not circumstance. Understanding, knowing and unconditionally loving who I am; and not giving a you know what about how others perceive me and my choices is the real power. I choose my journey…my food, my attitude, where I live, how I live, how I earn a living etc. Life really is that simple - it all comes down to choices. I choose happiness and to not live with regret due to being convinced instant gratification is more rewarding because for me I have learned it is not.

A few months ago The Minimalists had a post on instagram that spoke volumes to me and it was in relation to what I am sharing with you all I refer to it as The Minimalists take on the ”Reality of the American Dream” here is some of the context (Instagram @theminimalists/@joshuafieldsmillburn & @ryannicodemus):

“The American Dream⠀
The white picket fence. The large suburban home. The luxury car. The big-screen TVs glowing in multiple rooms. The safe, reasonable nine-to-five. The corner office. The suit and tie. The white-collar pride. The blue-collar pride. The weekends off. The paid holidays. The occasional vacation. The fringe benefits.⠀

In Exchange For⠀
The daily grind. The nose to the grindstone. The rush-hour traffic. The punching the clock. The cubical farms. The spreadsheet eyestrain. The much-anticipated lunch break. The inbox overflow. The arbitrary goals. The late nights at the office. The empty platitudes. The office gossip. The “productivity.” The downsizing. The “doing more with less.” The mounds of bills. The…..”  (
if you would like to read the rest click here)

Definitely some food for thought;)

Aside of the amazing amounts of character building lessons, deeper connection with myself, God and the of THE greatest gifts of this year for my family was the birth of Rosehip, the amazing people and the relationships my family and I have formed with tons of sweet, caring, selfless and positively intentional loving souls.....We have so much love, joy and gratitude and are beyond blessed to have the honor of theirs as well as your imprint on our minds and hearts. All of you wonderful people and experiences have taught us the true meaning of calm, self-care, community and living a life that is sincerely your own based on acceptance of truth and honest choice for your own personal well-being. I have so much more to say and share but I will save it for our face to face:) and/or your comments below

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From my loving family to yours Happy New Year and wishes for continued blessings, growth and prosperity in all areas❤️😍😘🙌🏽✨


Vegan Baker & Holistic Health & Positivity Coach
Natural Intake

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We Are Blessed and Highly Favored ALWAYS!

We Are Blessed and Highly Favored ALWAYS!

Winter Solstice 2018 - Seasons of Renewal

Winter Solstice 2018 - Seasons of Renewal