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Hi Natural Intakers!

I'm so thrilled you are exploring the website! This is my sacred place that allows me to share my passion for Vegan cooking, baking, wholesome nutrient rich foods, a positive mental attitude and random thoughts around living a life of intent, purpose, freedom etc. 

At Natural Intake we believe that while it is important to look & feel good externally it is essential to ensure primary investment is made on making the internal GREAT! After all, God has provisioned the earth with nutrient rich foods to nourish & heal our bodies hence, allowing us to live our best life.

Each of our products are NATURALLY and personally hand-crafted in small batches of love, positive energy and gratitude!!!!!

At Natural Intake we take pride in holism and we’re passionate about providing a multitude of services that not only fills your belly with yummy goodness but also your heart, mind, body and home with the needed resources and/or assistance to lead and/or manifest a rich, healthy and fulfilling life.

I am so thankful for both the universal alignment and divine intervention that has brought about this chapter in my life and made it possible for you and I to cross paths and positively affect change in one another's lives. 

With Much Love and Gratitude,
Lanasia - Natural Intake

Gratitude, Difficulty, Resilience............

Gratitude, Difficulty, Resilience............

I started this post with reflecting on the word Gratitude.  In life we face many trials and tribulations and often forget during these tests of character that things can most certainly be worse. However, it is important to remind yourself of how far you have come and be thankful for the journey as it builds and prepares you for the abundance and blessings waiting at each phase of the journey.  Let's break this apart.

  • what is "Gratitude"?

  • Do you exhibit this at minimum once a day?

By definition gratitude is "the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness." This is an extremely powerful mindset to have as it instills the knowing and understanding that no matter what storms come our way we will be resilient, we will realistically weigh the outcome (negative and positive effects) of our decisions, we will strategize and implement without fear and we will grow from the experience (without stress ever entering our thoughts).

Each day I awake with thanks to God; I encourage myself and renew the belief in my abilities and eventually it became a constant state of mind and has helped me conquer difficulties and acquire much success. I am thankful for the sun and the clouds as they have shaped me into an amazing person that is full of love, support, tenacity, courage, perseverance, the ability to definitively identify the importance of my life's purpose and emit positive vibes to all those I encounter.


With much gratitude, love and unwavering support! 

XO - Lanasia Natural Intake

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