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Hi Natural Intakers!

I'm so thrilled you are exploring the website! This is my sacred place that allows me to share my passion for Vegan baking, wholesome nutrient rich foods, a positive mental attitude and random thoughts around living a life of intent, purpose, freedom etc. 

At Natural Intake we believe that while it is important to look & feel good externally it is essential to ensure primary investment is made on making the internal GREAT! After all, God has provisioned the earth with nutrient rich foods to nourish & heal our bodies hence, allowing us to live our best life.

Each of our products are NATURALLY and personally hand-crafted in small batches of love, positive energy and gratitude!!!!!

At Natural Intake we take pride in holism and provide a multitude of services that not only fills your belly with yummy goodness but also your heart, mind, body and home with the needed resources and/or assistance to lead a rich, healthy and fulfilling life.

I am so thankful for both the universal alignment and divine intervention that has brought about this chapter in my life and made it possible for you and I to cross paths and positively affect change in one another's lives. 

With Much Love and Gratitude,
Lanasia - Natural Intake

Don’t settle or negatively Self-Sacrifice……….

Don’t settle or negatively Self-Sacrifice……….

It’s extremely important in life that you never compromise who you are, your dreams and any and everything that makes you the wonderful person you are. Although we cannot control other people’s actions and reactions it is up to us to not let the storms of life get into our ship (us)….always let it grumble, crash and clash in the ocean. At the end of the day we have the power over ourselves and that is all that matters. Constantly surround yourself with like-minded people and people who have achieved some the goals you are aspiring to. Flying with those who lift you up and thrust you forward has enormous benefits that feed and nourish every aspect of our being and is key to the type of energy we contain within ourselves and most importantly radiate into the world and those around us. 

I kept it short and sweet but I truly hope this has been helpful and most importantly took the weight of worry and negativity off your mind, body and spirit.

Protect your mental attitude!

In Gratitude,
Natural Intake


A Leap of Faith, more like a Push ha!

A Leap of Faith, more like a Push ha!

Welcome Back Natural Intake!

Welcome Back Natural Intake!