About Your Coach

Hi there beautiful soul! So lovely to have you visit! The fact that you are here with me is confirmation that you have the intent, strength and courage to truly begin to align with and manifest your divine purpose. Recognizing imbalance and making the conscious decision to explore these feelings is quite a feat, so kudos to you my love for being so brave! The journey to enlightenment is usually initiated by a feeling of being misaligned, detached; burning desire for fulfillment, a life changing event, realization/consciousness or something of the sort. What ever the reason I am so happy and honored you have chosen to confide in me! This meeting is of no coincidence; in fact you and I were destined to converge! It is my absolute pleasure to share my personal journey with you and advise on my Holistic Health and Positivity Coaching program.

Becoming a Holistic Health & Positivity Coach was a very apparent and natural step. An unfortunate, life changing event that re-chartered the course of my life and through sharing my family’s story regarding the journey and realizations along the way have divinely connected me to myself, the world as well as each of my callings in holism, naturalism and clean eating. While devastating at the onset, this entire experience has been a total blessing as it has brought me to my life’s purpose. Through all of this I now have a true understanding of who I am and I LOVE what I do and most importantly the benefits and joy it brings to others. Being a Holistic Health & Positivity Coach allows me to be a blessing to others and connect in a very relatable manner—- I am so grateful for this!

I have tremendous gratitude and respect for life and the unmeasurable fulfillment it provides consistently; we must always remember to be great to ourselves. Having personally gone through this experience and being fortunate enough to acquire so much knowledge in these areas has allowed me to make realistic and honest decisions for myself and family, it truly holds us accountable and purpose driven. The real gift is sharing this information with others. The ability to bring an awareness to someone who may not otherwise have known or even thought to consider alternative strategies; and in other instances build onto their consciousness is fulfilling on so many levels. The relationship between what we eat and how we feel (mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally), think, respond etc. is critical to our overall well being…..it is all interconnected hence it affects us holistically.

When my husband fell ill it was literally a matter of life and death. This was a very unnerving, trying, challenging and overwhelming time for us. However, we are very much people who believe there is a reason for everything and making the best of any situation. We made the conscious decision as a family to change our diet and lifestyle together. Believe me when I tell you this was the most pivotal decision of our lives as it not only continues to provide tremendous POSITIVE outcomes in our overall health and life; most importantly it has nurtured & nourished him to a clean bill of health. We became connected with the natural world and began our love of foraging for natural foods and the healing powers it provisions. It was a completely new world and one that I knew I was destined to share with others.

Mark Twain stated that “The 2 most important days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why” When this realization presented itself, it was as if an electrical surge burst throughout my entire body and turned on a light I cannot shutoff (nor do I want to)! I know exactly what my purpose in life is…..its instinctual! I truly know the universe and God have spoken directly to me and put my spirit guides to work to ensure that I take heed to the blessing and gifts inside of my heart, mind and spirit. While the journey started off quite wild it has brought much joy, truth, acceptance and brightness into my life; which has in turn allowed me to bring light to others in the best ways possible:).

My family and I are blessed to have uncovered the opportunity to lead a more informed, purpose driven life which has birthed the love and appreciation we have for all things that provision a genuine positive outcome to all areas of life in a natural, supportive and healing manner! I strongly believe that food is medicine and we have the power to ensure we have the lives we want as for every problem there is always a solution.

I am so honored you have chosen me to partner with you on your journey to leading your definition of a healthy and positive life. I am looking forward to coaching and most importantly supporting you in your lifestyle change. So thrilled you have made it through my “novel”. If you would like to learn about the program and all of its magical inclusions click here; or perhaps you prefer to schedule your complimentary consult straight away? If so, please do so by clicking here! I look forward to speaking with you:)

Wishing you an intentional and magical day!

With much Gratitude,
XO - Lanasia